Mann Ki Baat is a television program telecasted on the National Channel of Doordarshan.

The program focuses on issues related to the mind and mental health- of individuals and the society at large.  Today, we are becoming increasingly aware of the psychological havoc being wreaked by pressures in our lives due to the breakdown of social norms, increasing competitiveness, degradation of moral and ethical values and loss of faith in human relationships.

The results are there for all to see – stressed out individuals with chaotic life styles, struggling to cope, feeling helpless and alienated in their own homes, families and communities.  Many times individuals do not understand their own inner turmoil and feelings of distress.  Even if they do become aware of them, they are at a loss about who to share them with.  They may wonder if others will listen to their problems or concerns and they fear being dismissed as trivial or worse still, be ridiculed! 


 When feelings, emotions or thoughts are suppressed/bottled up inside a person over a period of time, they can lead to psychological or mental breakdown.  Sometimes, such severe or chronic stresses can become the triggering factors in the development of mental illness or psychiatric disorders that will eventually require specialized forms of treatment.


That is why it is crucial and important to recognize early signs of psychological distress and address them immediately through self-help or by seeking help outside.  Even better would be if a person talks over, shares and communicates his or her feelings, conflicts, problems or dilemmas with others around. Others- who are sympathetic listeners and caring well wishers.  This way, an emerging psychological problem can be addressed in a timely manner and resolved before it becomes a major problem.
Caring for our mind is our greatest responsibility to ourselves.  A mind that is lost, helpless, fearful and depleted is like a rudderless boat adrift with no direction and no goal in life to pursue.

Mann Ki Baat was born out of this need to create a platform, an awareness on mental health issues – both the ordinary ones that affect our daily lives and the not so ordinary issues that may not directly affect us but someone we know or care for.

We all have a story to tell, a problem that has been nagging us, feelings we have been struggling with, a conflict that has been consuming us.  We need to acknowledge them first and learn to address them in a meaningful manner, either by working with oneself or through help from outside.

Our mind is the most precious asset we posses and so also is our  Mann Ki Baat, for it is the  MIND that really MATTERS.

Mann Ki Baat
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It may also be an experience of being run down, chronically fatigued and struggling to cope with life and its demands. All these may be manifestation of

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